Tony Pitale

Playing Catch-up

I've been busy. At work, at home (working), and always in my head. I can't decide which is more exciting: the news that I'll be speaking, along with three of my Viget comrades at RubyNation this year, or that Google Analytics finally made their data export API public so that I might release my new gem, Garb. I developed Garb at Viget and it is to Viget that I owe everything in this opportunity. Without the marketing folks I would not have had access to the beta API, and without Viget in general it would not have happened.

Let's start with RubyNation. My talk will be on DataMapper and Rails and you can find out more on the RubyNation website. From the website (my proposal):

DataMapper has pushed the Ruby ORM market to new heights of speed (through laziness), strength (through separation), and flexibility (through mapping). At this time the rails_datamapper plugin is the way to bring DM and Rails together. Soon, the Merb/Rails merger will lead to seamless inter-operability between DM and Rails. ...
We’ll begin by covering the basics of setting up DM in Rails. We’ll quickly move on to cover, at the very least, overriding keys of varying types, non- standard table naming, connecting to multiple databases for the purpose of syncing or migrating data, and a variety of association examples.

Next, onto Garb. Google released a data export API for all of the Google Analytics date they have. It provides an unprecedented level of access to data never-before available. To make the API easy and fun when working with Ruby I, with the help of folks at Viget, created a handy wrapper with which anyone can create custom reports in their Ruby application. I've reached near to feature-parity with the API itself and aside from OAuth you can do almost anything you would need.

Check it out on Github.

What else? I'm very excited to be working on an unreleased Rails project with an unannounced, famed designer. What I can tell you is that it is presently named (codenamed?) Tasty and I'm hoping to have it out "soon". Oh, and it will be able to do some stuff that nobody in its market will be able to do.

I hope you'll check out Garb and I hope you'll come hear my talk at RubyNation. See you there!

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