Tony Pitale

Stopped Using Things

I posted awhile back about my attempts at using Things for my GTD needs. While Cultured Code has made an amazing application, even in beta, I was finding myself with features I didn't want and missing some features I did want.

As such, I've learned to make due using a fine combination of iCal and Mail for to do lists. Now, with the addition of something new from the fine developers at iSlayer I have a wonderful little widget that lets me integrate perfectly into this system I've got going. Organized is the name of the new widget and I think it fits precisely. Now, I don't have to leave Mail or iCal running for all the times that I'm on my Mac (which is a lot).

Organized is beautifully crafted, as all iSlayer widgets and products that I have encountered. As you can see from the screenshots on the web page Organized is dominated by the calendar at the top, which is just how I like it. Beneath are four tabs: clocks, notes, events, and to dos. I do not often use the notes and I have yet to have a real use for clocks. However, having events present (with which you can see events in the coming days) has been extremely useful for getting my head around an ever more populous calendar.

The last tab, to dos, is the tab I use most. Mostly because it adds such a simple, quick, and perfectly powerful list. While at the same time, those to dos work their way back into the rest of my system, for when I do have Mail or iCal open, I like to have access to those to dos. I've learned to organize my buckets as calendars that accurately represent my life. Around these calendars I create groups that mimic the major focuses, life and work. Perfect!

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