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April/May/June Recap

Another quarter of the year has gone by now! So, I decided to switch to doing quarterly recaps. It feels a little too long between reviews, but better than monthly.

Coding & OSS Contributions

I’ve contributed in small ways to a wide variety of new projects this month. Very exciting stuff for me. Most exciting was adding some code written in Go to the influxdb project.

At the same time, I continue to work on Legato, and had even more time to work on my side projects. Honestly, I mostly need to spend more time explaining and promoting their usage.

I think I need to start a project in Elixir or Rust soon. Given how much I enjoyed the work I was doing on Wisp (protocols) and contributing in Go, I think I can find something fun to do in either of those languages.

Lastly, I taught a round of classes with CodeNow. It was a stark reminder of how abstract programming concepts are to those with no experience, and how difficult it can be to explain some of those abstract ideas. A challenging, and rewarding, experience for sure!


Not much writing. I’ve been trying to make GrowingDevs a safe place to write and share. A platform for some folks to stand on who may not have a platform of their own. I’m disappointed in myself because, so far, all of the authors have been from the most empowered groups of developers. I’m trying to give time and space to the people I’ve asked to share something on GrowingDevs. I know how precious their time is, and how scary and even dangerous it can be to speak publicly.


Part of the reason for the 3-month recap post is because of a vacation I took to Ireland. I am very happy with the photos that came out of that trip; they were amazing because the trip was so amazing. Now, I’m struggling with the post-processing work. I think this means I need to get better at not expecting to post-process images much. And, I probably need to find a baseline automation I can add in Lightroom to take my photos from RAW and get them to a simple, shareable state.


Lots of travel! Between the trip to Ireland, many trips to NJ and NYC for CodeNow, and a trip a bit west to St. Louis. The past 3 months have been quite an adventure. Very much worth it, but I’m also enjoying being back home in DC.

Until Next Time


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