Tony Pitale

February 2014, Recap

This post is a little bit late since we’re half-way into March, but I felt it was important to share how my February went. So, here goes.

Coding & OSS Contributions

I’ve been pretty good with sticking to my plan of having an average of one public contribution a day. I’ve also kept up my private, side-project contributions as well.

I was also a little distracted by an experiment I tried this month. While it didn’t quite work out (yet) it was a fantastic experience. I learned much. Though, that endeavor took some time from my potential OSS work.

Monthly Reviews

At first, I was itching to write my first review. As my contributions have slowed, so too has my desire to write reviews every other week. Monthly will do nicely. Now to just write them on time. This one is a little late.


In general, I’ve continued to write. I wrote a post on for February. I’m still looking for contributors for March, so please get in touch!


My photography has been lacking. However, my motivation is renewed having received my new Mac Pro. I’ve worked through a large backlog of unprocessed photos. I’m now ready to take even more. I’m still working out exactly how I want to handle publishing, and where.

Helping Others

I’ve been sticking close to home on this one so not much to report. I attempted to reach out to the folks at CodeNow but the timing just didn’t work out for me to help with the next round of their classes in NYC. Next time, I hope to be able assist.

Until Next Time

I’m pretty pleased with how this is going. Even while writing this, I’m inspired to get back into my photography, and I’m really excited to take the next big steps on some of my side projects. March should be exciting! Cheers!

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